Sinu-Drain Oil 10ml

Sinu-Drain Oil 10ml


Sinus Relief Oil with Eucalyptus Oil | 100% Active Ingredients 🌿 | Used for Relief from Sinus Pressure & Congestion | 10ml

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Hemani Sinus Relief Oil with blends of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Mint Oils, to clear up and relieve sinus pressure and congestions. Eucalyptus Oil contains a compound called cineole- an effective treatment to drain sinus congestion relieving headaches, stuffiness and runny nose. Tea Tree Oil fights the bacteria and virus, reducing inflammation and swelling. Not only does the cooling effect of Mint Oil soothes, but it also contains menthol that affects the mucous receptors in the nose helping to decongest the nose and clear mucus.

Directions: Hemani Sinus Relief Oil

Tropically apply a small amount around the nose, behind the ear and above the eyebrows, avoiding the eye area.

Add a few drops in hot water and INHALE the steam vapor as required.

DIFFUSE a few drops in an air diffuser/ humidifier.

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