Egg Oil 30ml

Egg Oil 30ml


✔️ 100% Natural Oil ✔️ Rich in Protein & Omegas ✔️ Moisturizing & Nourishing Treatment ✔️ Beauty Oil for Hair & Skin


Hemani Egg Oil is 100% Natural Oil extracted through quality manufacturing standards for the best quality. It contains no chemicals, additives or preservatives.
Hemani Herbal Egg Oil, a good source of proteins, Omega 3 and other Essential Fatty Acids that the body requires nourishing for healthy body, skin & hair.
It works wondrous as a beauty oil, moisturizing hair & skin, giving it a protein treatment on regular topical application. It improves blood circulation & cell growth that helps in stimulating new & healthy hair growth

  • Rich source of protein, omega 3 & other essential fatty acids.
  • Skin conditioning, moisturizing & nourishing.
  • Promotes healing for dry skin & damaged hair.
  • Prevents hair loss & eliminates dandruff.
  • Stimulates & strengthens hair growth.
  • Improves & restores hair health.
  • Aids in reducing wrinkles & premature hair loss.

Can be topically applied and taken orally.

Note: To ensure best quality, store in a cool, dry place.

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